Shaggy’s Diving specializes in making your vacation in the Cayman Islands an unforgettable experience, whether you are snorkeling at Starfish Point, getting a kiss from a stingray for seven years of good luck at the Sandbar, or following a majestic eagle ray on a North Wall dive.

We tailor charter trips to you and find some of the most unspoiled and dramatic dive locations in the world.

Enjoy a relaxing half day boat tour across the brilliant turquoise water of the North Sound stopping at stunning snorkel spots where you can play with the stingrays and unwind with starfish. We also offer an optional stop at one of the beautiful restaurants on the north side of Grand Cayman for drinks and a quick bite to eat at Kaibo or Rum Point.

Stingray City is a must do while visiting Grand Cayman! Decades ago, after a successful morning of deep sea fishing out beyond the barrier reef, fishermen would stop to clean their catch in the calm waters of the shallows and sandbar area, which attracted stingrays to the boats. Today it is one of the most popular areas in the Caymans as you can get in the shallow water to interact or snorkel amongst the stingrays.

Starfish Point is a shallow beach area with brilliantly coloured starfish strewn across the north side of Grand Cayman. The sea stars frequent the surrounding sea grass looking for food, which gives snorkelers a great chance to see them in the crystal clear waters. Relax and let us take you across calm, blue waters to recharge. You’re welcome to bring on board anything you want to drink or eat. We can also pre-order and have beverages pre arranged on the boat.

Cost: $650USD for up to 10 people

One of the most spectacular and often overlooked features in the Cayman Islands is the bioluminescence in the Bio bay. Marvel as tens of thousands of microbes spring to life as you brush past them in the warm, shallow sandy bay.

Our staff will give you a background on this spectacular phenomenon and the most eco-friendly way to immerse yourself in the experience. The trip is approximately 2-3 hours and includes snorkeling equipment. Why not add on a dinner stop to make the afternoon one to remember?

Cost: $90USD per person (min 4 persons.)

Cost: $30USD per person for the dinner stop.

Diving with Reef Sharks in Grand Cayman

The east end of Grand Cayman is more exposed, rougher and has steep underwater cliffs. This unique day out is a three-tank dive day with two deep dives and one reef dive. There are four common species of sharks in the Cayman Islands: nurse sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and blacktip sharks. On these dives, you are most likely to see reef and blacktip sharks.

This day out is weather dependent, starts around 8am and returns around 5pm or later if you’d like to stop in for drinks/dinner at either Kaibo or Rum Point on our way back.

Cost: $1500 plus gear for up to 6 people

Feel like adding a little zip to your diving day? Hold on to your regulator and try an underwater scooter! Our dive propulsion vehicles (DPVs) offer the options of covering multiple dive sites, cruising along beside that lovely eagle ray and just the plain joy of zipping along under the sea.

Your first dive is a full orientation to the DPV’s safety and operation. We’ll shore dive and after a short while you’ll be kicking the DPV into high gear in full flight. After your surface interval, we’ll head out to another shore site on 32% enriched air with your new skill set to explore multiple dive sites.

Cost: $225 USD (includes two dives with one enriched air tank, DPVs and guides) 

Is there a better way to spend a day than a magnificent flight, sight-seeing and diving Cayman’s Sister Islands? Explore these remote beauties with a stunning 50 minute private helicopter trip to the virtually uninhabited Sister Islands – Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Choose a half day (two tanks, one island) or a full day (three tanks, both islands) and we will take you on a magnificent flight then drop in for some amazing dives. This adventure offers some of the most unspoiled and dramatic diving in the world.

Highlights of the day include:

  • Diving Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman, which is considered one of the most amazing vertical drop offs in the Caribbean. Sport Diver’s Geri Murphy wrote an article on this dive site saying, “This remarkable formation begins at a shallow depth of 22 to 30 feet, and falls away to the abyssal depth of 1,000 feet. This wall is so vertical that you feel like a skydiver hanging in space. The visibility is so clear that you can see the wall 200 feet to the left, to right and directly below. It is the most amazing undersea panorama that you can imagine. You feel so small in the vastness of this towering cliff face.”
  • Visiting the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, Little Cayman, home to 20,000 or 1/3 of the world’s remaining red-footed booby birds, 200+ breeding pairs of magnificent frigate birds and more than 200 other species of resident and migratory birds. This nature reserve makes you feel like you are sitting amidst a National Geographic documentary.
  • Diving the wreck of the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, Cayman Brac, one of the few Soviet Union wrecks in the western hemisphere. This 330 foot long Russian frigate was built in 1984 for the Cuban army.

Cost: $6999 USD including all equipment (private helicopter, boat, DPVs, and guided dives) for up to five people.